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George Orwell Square: space under surveillance

Old City district, Barcelona.

Between Escudellers and Avinyò street, in the middle of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, in the Old City district, you can find the small square named after George Orwell. The name was given to the square in 1996, six years after its inaguration. Locals know that place as the tripi square. A tripi is an informal name for psychodelic drugs like LSD, and it stuck to the square due to the weird sculpture in the middle of the open space created by surrealist artist Leandre Cristòfol and the constant presence of people going in and out of small bars, the drug dealers always creeping around the corners of the place and the usual easy going atmosphere that reigns there.

George Orwell Square was the first public space in Barcelona where cameras were installed so it would be under constant surveillance, in 2001.

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