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Planescape Torment extra

The Unfinished Business patch adds many missions back into the game that the designer’s didn’t have time to finish. Often these are items, conversations, and even entire quests that were intended to be in the game, but time and money constraints meant they were left out, despite being close to completion.

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10 favorite video games in no particular order

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uh-oh, haven’t played with anything for (many) years.

1. Doom 1-2

2. Quake 1-2-3

3. Planescape Torment

4. Heroes of Might and Magic 3

5. Eye of the Beholder 1-2

6. Unreal Tournament 99

7. Deus Ex

8. Black & White

9. Diablo 1-2

10. Alone in the Dark 1-2

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