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The shaman is not merely a sick man, or a madman; he is a sick man who has healed himself.

—    Terence McKenna (via m1k3y)

Három részeg meztelen olasz, akik miatt tényleg minden barcelonai utálhatja a turizmust →

A városban évek óta vitáznak arról is, hogy mit lehetne kezdeni azokkal, akik nemcsak a tengerparton, hanem a belvárosban is félmeztelenül mászkálnak

az ilyen vicces fiuk es lanyok, akik az olcso fu es a hajnali 4-kor utcan uvoltve hanyas, baszas, szaras kedveert jonnek barcelonaba, mar a repteren kiszurhatok. gyors tarkoloves, zsak, mehetnek is haza. tenyleg kezd kurva idegesito lenni a dolog.


Neal Stephenson has a new book out next year.

The book, Seveneves, has its own Amazon page, but has not been publicized at all. So far, it has even escaped his Wikipedia page. I found just one description online: it’s buried deep on a pdf of upcoming projects from Stephenson’s literary agency Darhansoff & Verrill.

"When the moon blows up, the earth’s atmosphere is predicted to go through changes that will eventually lead to a Hard Rain, a meteorite storm that could last for thousands of years, rendering the earth’s surface uninhabitable. In preparation, the nations of the earth send an ark of humans to an International Space Station. But the Station isn’t immune to the galactic catastrophe and many of its people are lost, mostly men. When stability is reached, only seven humans remain, all of them women. Jump forward thirty thousand years. Two peoples exist: those who survived on Earth, living rustic, primitive lives; and those who derived from the Seven Eves of the space station, affluent, sophisticated, organized sects looking to colonize the surface of earth. Stephenson’s next novel is an epic potboiler, with political and military intrigue, and plenty to say about evolution, genetic engineering, and civilization as we know it."

The 1056-page epic comes out April 14, 2015. Potboilers are definitely Neal’s strong suit, so I expect this will resonate with his fans. Not sure why he hasn’t put more effort into letting them know about it, though.